Jumbo ARM's

No Loan Overlays = MORE qualified buyers!

Thank you for taking an interest in the loan programs we can offer.  As a  real estate professional you have many choices when it comes to selecting a mortgage partner for your buyers.  As your partner, we can help you close more deals by expanding the qualifications for "approved" buyers, and we can help many "declined" buyers get approved!   What makes us different?

The new mortgage environment has a term for minimizing certain risks and it is called, "overlay".  An "overlay" is a term used when a self imposed guideline  overlays the basic guidelines set by FHA (HUD), VA,  and Conventional loans insured by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.  Overlay guidelines are set by most banks, mortgage companies and wholesale brokers as a layered protection against certain perceived risks.

Often we can offer opportunities for your FHA, VA and Conventional buyers with NO,  or  limited overlays.  This means we can often use the foundational guidelines with out restrictions.  This in turn opens the door to home ownership for more buyers which means more sales for the Real Estate professionals we partner with.  The most common areas of overlays deal with "self imposed" lender limits on Debt to Income Ratio's and FICO scores.  By having funding channels with no or limited restrictions, we can provide loan opportunities for the following:

620+ FICO Score, FHA, 3.5% Down Payment

High Debt Ratio's to 45% for both FHA and VA

VA, Zero Down,  615+  FICO Score

5% Down Conventional with LOW MI

10% Down Jumbo Loans

Fannie Mae Home Path Financing

When selecting my services as a lender, you will get top quality service built on over 20 years experience, prompt returned phone calls, accessibility 7 days a week, and loan programs that most of my competition will not offer.  I know the ingredients to a successful closing and a satisfied customer.  I look forward to your phone call, your questions, and an opportunity to provide you and your client the best experience possible. Please contact me at (951) 775-5646 or email me at jpeisner17@gmail.com .  You can review my resume and work history through this link. Or, you can simply complete the contact request form below.


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